Learn to Skate Group Classes

The Pasadena Ice Skating Center offers a variety of group lessons for all ages and ability levels. Each class is a step-by-step progression that develops each skater as they improve their skating skills. Skaters must successfully complete the current level before they can graduate to the next class level.

There is something for everyone in our skating school group class program. The Pasadena Ice Skating Center have figure skating and hockey classes from beginner to advanced levels for tot skaters (ages three to five), youth skaters (ages six to 13 years), and teen and adult skaters of all ages.

The Pasadena Ice Skating Center offer several specialty classes such as: synchronized skating team, figure power skating, edge class, on-ice ballet, choreography, ice dancing, spin class and an off-ice Axel class.

Class Benefits

  • 30-minute group class (one per week)
  • Free public skating on class day
  • 4 additional public session admissions (2 admissions for five week classes)
  • 10% off Pro Shop merchandise
  • $2 off public skating admission
Current Semester / Fall (September 22 – November 21)
Fall (September 22 – November 21)
Future Semesters
(December 1 – February 13)
Early Spring
(February 16 – April 21, 2022)
(April 27 – July 3, 2022)
(July 6 – September 11, 2022)

Our group classes typically follow this weekly instruction plan:

Timeline / Curriculum
Week 1
Introduction of the new class requirement and instruction to learn each skill required for their class level.
Week 2-6
Instruction and practice to improve proficiency of the skills required to pass each class level.
Week 7-8
Instructors evaluate each student and issue a progress report with suggestions to help the skaters pass the current class level.
Week 9-10
Instructors can re-test any incomplete maneuvers. On the final day, each class performs a “mini-program” to showcase the new skills learned during the semester. Each skater receives a graduation certificate.


A child who can walk well can be taught to ice skate. Very young children usually learn better in a group class environment. These classes are designed for beginning skaters ages three to five years old. Class maneuvers are broken down into smaller parts so they can be more easily learned. Instruction is given with a focus of having “fun” on the ice.

Fall & Stand Up
Forward Marching & Glide
2-Foot Jump
Beginning Swizzle
Beginning Snowplow Stop


These basic skill levels are for skaters of all ages. This step-by-step progression of skills makes learning fun while improving the skater’s confidence on ice. The mastery of these basic skills is required before moving on to higher levels of achievement and it can take more than one semester to pass each class level.

Two-Foot Glide
One-Foot Glide (Right & Left)
Forward Swizzle
Backward Wiggle
Backward Swizzle
Forward Stroking
Forward Crossovers – Right Foot over Left
Forward Crossovers – Left Foot over Right
One-Foot Snowplow Stop
Backward Stroking
Backward Crossovers – Right Foot over Left
T-Stop – Right Foot Outside Edge
T-Stop – Left Foot Outside Edge
Right Forward Outside 3-Turn (One Foot Turn)
Left Forward Outside 3-Turn (One Foot Turn)
Right Forward Inside Open Mohawk Combination
Left Forward Inside Open Mohawk Combination
Hockey Stop
Right Forward Inside 3-Turn (One Foot Turn)
Left Forward Inside 3-Turn (One Foot Turn)
Forward Edges – Forward Outside Edges and Forward Inside Edges
Shoot-the- Duck or Lunge (choice of one)
Bunny Hop


After mastering the basic skills, skaters can begin freestyle level classes. In addition to freestyle classes, the Pasadena Ice Skating Center also offers specialty Classes such as: power stroking, synchronized skating, edge class, on-ice ballet, ice dancing, choreography class, and spin class.

The maneuver list below highlights the various requirements for each class level. Advancement to the next class is based upon the skater’s mastery of the skills, and it can take more than one semester to pass each class level.

Freestyle 1
Forward Inside Pivot
Two-Foot Spin
Forward Arabesque
Backward Edges – Backward Outside Edges and Backward Inside Edges
One-Half Flip
Waltz Jump
Program Duration: 1 ½ minutes
Freestyle 2
Ballet Jump
One-Half Lutz
One-Foot Spin
2 x Forward Spirals
Dance Step Sequence
Waltz Jump/Tap Toe/½ Flip Jump
Program Duration: 1 ½ minutes
Freestyle 3
Backward Pivot
Salchow Jump
Change Foot Spin
Backward Spiral
Toe Loop Jump or Toe Walley Jump
Dance Step Sequence
Freestyle 4
Flip Jump
Loop Jump
Sit Spin
One-Half Loop Jump
2 x Backward Spiral (different feet)
Dance Step Sequence
Program Duration: 2 minutes
Freestyle 5
Lutz Jump
Axel Jump
Camel Spin
Combination Spin
Fast Back Scratch Spin
Dance Step Sequence
Program Duration: 2 minutes

What should I wear to class?

Wear warm, comfortable clothing and a jacket. Socks and gloves are great – especially for smaller kids.

What if I miss a class?

Students are allowed a maximum of three make-up lessons that must be attended during the current semester. Make-up classes do not carry over into future semesters and no credit or refund is given for unused/missed classes or practice sessions. There are no make-up classes available for some hockey and specialty classes.

How can I receive a class discount?

  • The Pasadena Ice Skating Center have various on-going “Deals and Discounts” for our group class lesson program.
Early Bird
(Register before the first week of classes)
$5 – $25
Pasadena Resident
(Show proof of Pasadena residency)
$20 off all classes (excluding Synchro teams)
Platinum Member
(Must be a platinum member of the Pasadena Ice Skating Center)
Additional 10% off all group classes per semester

Do you charge any additional class fees?

Class Card – Upon enrollment, skaters will be given a class card that must be used for check-in with rink staff on class day and during practice sessions. There is a $10 replacement fee for class cards (limit one replacement per semester)
Skate Rental – The Pasadena Ice Skating Center offers complimentary skate rental for all tot, beginner, and pre-alpha classes only. For all other classes, there is a discounted $20 skate rental fee for class time during the semester.

How do I cancel a class and request a credit or refund?

To request any credit or refund for a nine or ten week class, a Refund Request Form must be received by the fifth week of the current class semester. For a five-week class, the form must be received before the third class.

  • Credit/refunds will be calculated based on the date on the Refund Request Form.
  • Credit will be issued for the remaining classes and can be used for a future semester.
  • Refunds are issued only by company check regardless of payment method and can take four to six weeks to process. There is a $25 administration fee for each refund request that will be deducted from the remaining balance due.

The Pasadena Ice Skating Center coaches conduct private skating and hockey lessons for skaters of all ages and ability levels. Private lessons, along with regular practice, can quickly improve individual skating skills. The Pasadena Ice Skating Center’s independent contractor coaches manage their own lesson schedule and use our facility to teach their lessons. There are two ways to set-up a private lesson:

  1. Observe and meet the coach at the rink to discuss lesson options and schedules.
  2. Fill-out a “Private Lesson Request Form” in the pro shop and an available coach will be in touch.


  • Lesson fees are paid directly to the coach.
  • Session admission fee must be paid to the rink for each public and/or freestyle session.
  • Skaters currently enrolled in a skating school group class can arrange a private lesson on their class day or during their free practice session to avoid additional admission fee charges.