Figure Skating

The Pasadena Ice Skating Center offers a variety of group lessons for all ages and ability levels. Each class is a step-by-step progression that develops each skater as they improve their skating skills. Skaters must successfully complete the current level before they can graduate to the next class level.

Freestyle Skating sessions allow advanced figure skaters to practice jumps, spins, and programs on the ice. Sessions are offered Monday – Friday throughout the year, and on Saturdays during July and August. These Freestyle sessions are only for skaters who have reached the ISI Freestyle 1 level. Lower level skaters are not allowed on freestyle sessions.

• Maximum 30 skaters per session.
• Online registration is required before the session begins.
• Additional skaters cannot be added once sessions are full.
• All skaters must check-in with rink staff before entering the ice for each session.
• All participants must follow the session guidelines posted at the rink and conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.

Online registration is required before the session begins.

The Pasadena Ice Skating Center offers summer skating camps designed to promote fun while improving the skating skills of each skater while making new skating friends. Classes are divided into Beginner – Gamma and Delta – Freestyle levels. Sessions include: warm-up, stretching, skating skills, fun and games, conditioning, program practice, choreography, jumps and spins, and acting for skaters.

The Pasadena Ice Skating Center is very proud of the Rose City Crystals synchronized skating teams. This non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting teamwork and sportsmanship while helping each team member reach their full potential. The cooperation and support from the skaters, coaches, and parents help to create a memorable skating experience for every participant.

Each team of eight to sixteen skaters works to improve their individual skating skills while learning to master synchronized skating formations such as lines, circles, wheels, blocks, and intersections. These skills are showcased in an entertaining routine as they compete with teams of similar ages and ability levels.

One of the USFS competitive teams was the 2018 Pacific Coast Sectional Open Juvenile Champions and they have competed for many years at the U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships.

The Pasadena Ice Skating Center’s ISI competitive teams have a weekly practice as part of our skating school group classes. These teams have consistently won local, regional, and ISI national events. Even beginner skaters (Alpha level ages six and up) can participate in the new synchro basic skills class team.

The Pasadena Ice Skating Center’s rink has a very long history of hosting local, regional, sectional, and national competition events.

The Pasadena Ice Skating Center recently hosted the 35th Annual ISI Open Competition, one of the largest and longest-running annual competition events in SoCal. Over 450 skaters participate in this 3-day event that showcases entertaining performances by skaters from three to 83 years old. This event is usually the last weekend of April.

In the middle of September, the Pasadena Figure Skating Club hosts their annual, local event. Those events have seen future national and Olympic team members preparing for upcoming qualifying competitions. In addition, the Pasadena Ice Skating Center has hosted the Southwest Pacific regional championships; two adult sectional championships; and most recently, a regional collegiate championship.

The Pasadena Ice Skating Center coaches conduct private lessons for skaters of all ages and ability levels. Private lessons – along with regular practice –improve individual skating skills. The Pasadena Ice Skating Center’s independent contractor coaches manage their own lesson schedule and use our facility to teach their lessons. There are two ways to set-up a private lesson:

  1. Observe and meet the coach at the rink to discuss lesson options and schedules.
  2. Fill-out a “Private Lesson Request Form” in the pro shop and an available coach will be in touch.


  • Lesson fees are paid directly to the coach.
  • Session admission fee must be paid to the rink for each public and/or Freestyle session.
  • Skaters currently enrolled in a skating school group class can arrange a private lesson on their class day or during their free practice session to avoid additional admission fee charges.